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Born in Iraq, the author may be a modern-day Persian Princess. Her parents, of Persian descent with some royalty ties, were both professionals, who tragically gave up the ghost.


Yet, as a toddler, her mother imparted the secrets of her beauty techniques which form the idea of this e-book. it had been her mother’s original recipes that help create flawless looks of beauty and aid in reversing the consequences of aging.


Known only by one name, the author shares her secrets, tips, and advice, all inspired by her mother and her Persian culture and traditions. The techniques are sourced from Middle Eastern and Asian traditions that are shared clearly and concisely.


The author inspires and coaches the reader to show back the clock with day items found within the kitchen. Little else is required for the sweetness regime. When followed properly, this beauty exercise will help create beautiful and flawless skin, hair that shines with luster, smooth wrinkles, diminish fine lines and blemishes and increase an individual’s self-worth about their looks.


The author may be an adviser who focuses on all-natural methodology. She believes in the power of food and a diet during which one eats healthy and nutritional foods. Her beauty tips are supported clean eating, and her guide offers simple and straightforward solutions that are easily created within the comfort of your kitchen.


Faced with tremendous adversity and tragedy after losing her family and becoming destitute, the author fostered the courage to travel on. She remained committed to maintaining her beauty and taking care of herself, as this too gave her the motivation to travel on, despite losing everything.


She knew that beauty didn’t need to cost tons, and her beauty secrets are created from items that cost mere pennies. The author read through her mother’s journals, finding that beauty secrets are easily found in food and herbs which are eaten and applied on the skin also.


the beauty of food system

the beauty of food system



The book is written clearly and simply. because it is split up into sections, the reader can easily look for a selected topic or specialize in an applicable issue for his or her diet and health regiment.


The book is written simply and colloquially, almost as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with the author. Available in a few formats, the e-book options and mp3 audio file are the most convenient and useful for today’s technological reader.


Additionally, the sweetness of Food is a reasonable read with interesting tips and advice and includes charts and pictures. By providing tips for maintaining a younger, healthier, beautiful you, the author’s beauty advice maybe a fresh absorb a cosmetic surgery obsessed era.


It steers the reader faraway from toxins, injectibles, and pricey medical costs and appears towards food and herbs. Her methodology isn’t overly science-based, but she uses natural and non-toxic approaches.




  • It´s not scientifically proved: The BFP´s Book has great resources, info, and recipes but there are a couple of statements that aren’t scientifically proved.
  • Bonus isn’t as many because the competitor offer.
  • At some point on the road, you’ll get frustrated, because the E-Book doesn´t state clearly how your body is going to be transformed or how you would like to use the data presented. it had been made to impress new food habits mainly.
  • If you´re a speaker of English, you´ll detect some issues. But as long because it doesn’t influence your reading, don´t worry. Just try to not miss the foremost important information.
  • If you´re trying to find fairy tales, this is often not the program for you. Miraculous diets or changing experiences are two things that you simply won´t obtain here.
  • The BFP´s E-Book may be a resource only to be read online. This material isn’t recommended for areas with limited or no internet access whatsoever.




  • Food Info: you think that that only for the very fact that you simply have tried everything to remain healthy causes you to know ALL about food? Well, no you don´t! The BFP will increase the quantity of data about food and the way it affects your body. It´s not about following a diet. It´s about knowing will what you´re eating first.
  • Refresh your ideas: cooking equivalent old recipes becomes boring. But this book has amazing recipes that will inspire you to cook good and healthy food every day of the week. The recipes mostly come from Eastern European cuisine; you´ll have delicious plates reception.
  • How? It´s so simple! You don´t get to love cooking or being an expert on nutritional programs, the BFP will guide you along with the method. A neat book also combined with easy to read English is going to be the key to success.


  • Price isn’t an excuse for you to require up this program. It´s a coffee price program. And it can get cheaper if you’re one among the primary 1000 buyers. So don’t waste any second!
  • Along with the book, you´ll get an audio format that will make it even easier to follow each step to a healthier life.
  • Your experience features a guarantee. Sometimes results aren’t what you expect. But this program allows you to possess a refund if it doesn´t fulfill your expectations. Don´t worry and choose it!


How Does the system Work?


the beauty of food system The e-book nutritional guide provides recipes, advice, and remedies. Some everyday food secrets she shares are pumpkin seeds, which help tighten the skin additionally to being a tasty snack!


Or, for those trying to find an easy detox, the author’s recipes incorporate the superfood, kale, because, as she states, the vitamin C in kale plays an enormous part in preventing the damaging signs of aging.


Or, for those seeking something with anti-inflammatory properties, rather than seeking out costly medical procedures, the author recommends blueberries.

These naturally occurring, nature’s candy, will help protect from sun damage by protecting and aiding in somatic cell growth.


These are just a couple of samples of the various hand-crafted beauty aids that she offers within her guide. All of her tips and advice are presented clearly, with nice pictures and charts.


The author, an exotic Persian Princess, as her one name inspires, imparts her knowledge during this easy to follow nutrition and wonder guide. The name “Hanan” means mercy and compassion in Farsi, and by sharing these family-sourced beauty treatments, she encourages and motivates the reader to use these non-toxic, home remedies to combat everyday skin and hair ailments.


Whether it’s to scale back the redness related to acne or diminish blemishes on the skin, the food and nutrition guide will help direct the reader to realize the beauty in skin and hair, also as provide positive nutrition to the body.


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